About the project

Children love Animals and Pets are part of many children's lives. "Our Pets" is the theme of this project. We think that a child who learns to care for an animal, and treat it kindly and patiently, may get invaluable training in learning to treat people the same way. Taking care of a pet can help children develop social skills. Students will learn about four main key steps to taking care of pets: feeding, walking, teaching tricks, and cleaning up after them; learn if a particular pet would be right for their family. They will recognize how people in several occupations play important roles in a pet’s care (a veterinarian, an animal shelter manager - a dog pond, an obedience trainer - a dog show).

*To get to know children from other school and support international friendship and learning to co-operate with them.
*To develop responsibilities to cooperate from a long distance.
*To improve students` English language in communication.
*To improve digital competences using the computer for communication, processing results and preparing presentations to share them with their partners.
*To become familiar with basic pet needs.
*To recognize how people in several occupations play important roles in a pet’scare.
*To understand the need for pet owners to properly train and socialize their animals.
*To develop recording, observation and prediction skills.
*To encourage creativity and writing skills.
*To share and compare the results with the other partners.

All photos and videos on "Our pets" website by mgr Helena Repaská and mgr Dominika Giezek. All rights reserved.